Field Trip Programs and Standards

Check back for updated Indiana Standards.

Animal Families
Animal Families come in all different shapes and sizes. Find out how animals adapt to live in these families and survive in their habitats.

Children will meet an MCM animal up close and personal.
Children will learn to identify and classify what makes up an animal family.
Children will learn about adaptations and what animals need to survive in their habitat.

Best for grades K-3

K-3 Literacy: Core Standard 1,2,4,5,7
K Science: Core Standard 3
1-3 Science: Core Standard 3,4

Science of Seasons
Take a trip to our Outdoor Learning Center to discover how the seasons change and what those changes affect. Explore the how, what, where, when and why of the world around us. Topics change with each season.

Life Cycles (March-May)
Children will learn the importance of spring by studying the life cycle.

Solar Science (June-August)
Children will use observation to explore the many uses for the sun.

Animal Migration (September-November)
Children will learn how animals prepare themselves for the winter.

Weather Investigations (December-February)
Children will do experiments to discover how weather changes.

Best for grades K-3

K-5 Literacy: Core Standard 1,2,4,5,7
K, 1, 5 Science: Core Standard 2,3,4
2,3 Science: Core Standard 1,3
4 Science: Core Standard 2

Learn Not to Burn
Fire can be a scary thing to children, especially if they don’t know how to be safe. Learn Not to Burn teaches children what to do if there is a fire in their house and how and where to get help.

Children will learn how to escape a structure fire with the most up-to-date safety instructions.
Children will participate in a fire simulation complete with smoke and heated doors.
Children will know how to get help in case of a fire through 911 simulators.

Best for grades K-3

K-3 Literacy: Core Standard 1,2,4,5,7
K-3 Science: Core Standard 1

Discover the new MyPlate way to eat while playing the meal matching game. Take a look into the body with help from Stuffee, see how food is digested and why it is so important to eat well.

Children will explore how food breaks down and travels through the body.
Children will learn why it is important to stay healthy.
Children will learn to read food labels and pick appropriate portions of different foods.

Best for grades K-3 

K-3 Literacy: Core Standard 1,2,4,5,7
K-3 Science: Core Standard 3

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