Upcoming Events

Join us for Spring Break at the Muncie Children’s Museum, sponsored by Navient and Aldi! Borrow your parents’ flying car or hop on over to Platform 9 3/4 to make your way in for two magical weeks of wizarding fun! Join us as we concoct crazy potions, compete in the Triwizard Tournament and create your own wizard wand. You don’t have to wait for your 11th birthday to join in on the fun because children of all ages will have a blast exploring the wonder of magic tricks and the science behind it. Spring break programming will take place from March 23 to April 7, and all activities are included with the price of regular admission.

Activities for Tuesday, April 2nd 11am Quidditch Tournament; 1pm Making Potions; 3pm Paper bag Owl crafts

Activities for Wednesday, April 3rd 11am Color sorting drinks; 1pm Make your own wand craft; 3pm Making Polyjuice

Activities for Thursday, April 4th 11am Color sorting drinks; 1pm Paper Bag Owl crafts; 3pm Make Butterbeer

Activities for Friday, April 5th 11am Make your own wand craft; 1pm Making Polyjuice; 3pm Making Potions

Activities for Saturday, April 6th 11am Color sorting drinks; 1pm Make Butterbeer; 3pm Making Potions

Activities for Sunday, April 7th 1pm Quidditch Tournament; 3pm Making Potions

Thank you for joining us during our 2 weeks of Spring Break programming! Plan to spend some time with us this summer as we will celebrate and ISpy Summer! Check back for details as we get closer to June.


The Muncie Children’s Museum is excited to invite you and your family to our annual Children’s Health Fair. The event will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Muncie Children’s Museum. Is your child good to go, from head to toe? The main goal of the Children’s Health Fair is to make parents and children aware of all of the different factors that go into truly being healthy. Agencies at the event will focus on six components of kids’ health: checkups, play, safety, learning, friends and helping hands. The Children’s Health Fair will be held on Free Saturday, meaning there will be no admission charge. This way, everyone can come out and have a good time. A BIG thank you to this year’s sponsors: Meridian Health Services, the Suzanne Gresham Center and Delaware Blackford Medical Society.

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